Weight Loss Tips for Moms after Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips for Moms after Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips for Moms after Pregnancy

Most women gain weight during pregnancy, and this can be so daunting to new mothers who have no idea on how to lose it. However, you shouldn’t worry because this guide will explain the do’s and don’ts of losing extra pounds that were caused by pregnancy. In almost all cases, if everything is followed, the weight will be lost within the first few months, but it is not all magical as it calls for some self-discipline. Also, take note that the results will differ from one person to the other based on variable factors like age, body immunity, metabolic rate, and everything in between.

No dieting

Losing the post-birth weight takes time and dieting will not always help lose the extra pounds. In this case, experts have always advised that you avoid quick fixes but focus on what you can attain in the long run. The last thing you should do is deprive your body of food, because at this particular point in time, you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms of pregnancy hormones. It is dangerous if you follow this path as you might end up having serious health complication.

Go breastfeeding

This is one of the things you should always be considering in regard to losing weight as a new mom. In a nut shell, breastfeeding will help burn the extra calories that you just gained before delivery. Importantly, try to strike a balance on the amount of calories you take in every day during this particular period. Remember, this is not magical as some people have been known to lose weight the moment they stopped breastfeeding at 6 months. Nonetheless, consulting your doctor helps a great deal on what the best method is and how to go about the entire weight loss strategy.

Do some exercise

It is a fact that exercise will be able to help you lose weight fast, but you’re warned not to overdo it as you might put your health at risk. With exercise, not only will you be losing weight, but also enjoy the benefits that come with a healthier cardiovascular system. The better part is that there are quite a number of exercise options for you out there even if you delivered under caesarean section. One thing you should incorporate into your exercise are weights - and for every milestone you conquer, make it a celebration.

Eat right portions

It is important to eat the right portions of food balanced to perfection. If you are used to eating large chunks, try to cut it down but this too don’t overdo it lest you starve your body. In other societies, people are accustomed to large chunks of junk food, for these avoid them as you might avoid a plague. In fact, if you have cravings for particular junk food, see to it that you consult dieticians to help you out. This is a kind of balancing act that you will get used to over time, but don’t compromise your health by eating unhealthy food when nursing your baby.

Belly wrap

Belly fat is something that most women will experience, and there are times that it affects self-esteem. Postpartum wraps are as old as human species themselves, and have been used for centuries. In most cases, experts have always recommended to use these wraps for 6-8 weeks and stop thereafter. This is what will lead to positive results after birth, but just like other techniques, you should consult your doctor before applying it. In fact, some of the wraps can’t be used when you have undergone caesarean.

Take fluids and fiber

It has been proven that many women tend to suffer constipation after delivering their babies, of which can be related to weight gain and poor diet. The solution to this particular problem is to use lots of fiber and fluids in your meals. You can use water (lots of it), sugar-free liquids, or go for low fat milk available in you locale. As a matter of fact, use of fiber will eliminate most, if not all problems associated with constipation. This means that fiber-rich food should be an integral part of meals you take after successfully delivering your baby.

Important points to remember

Losing weight after pregnancy is never a one-day event and do your best to follow methods that are safe for you and your baby. If you happen to see a celebrity mom lose weight overnight, ask whether the technique she used is safe for you. Always stay positive and always remember that every small things you do will always add up in the long run. Take note that it took almost 9 months for you to gain extra weight - so be persistent and focused if you desire to lose it once and for all.