The Best Ways to Reward Children of their Good Behavior

The Best Ways to Reward Children of their Good Behavior

The Best Ways To Reward Children Of Their Good Behavior

Children are much like employees. They work in the same way as the reward system for employees and motivation setting. However, there are a couple of differences you must take note of. In the action of rewarding children you have to be very careful as not to spoil the kids and give the correct rewards for good behavior at home. In school, you may notice that rewards for good behavior at school tend to fall on getting high marks and good grades. As parents, you should have your own ways of rewarding the children.

Borrow It From The BF Skinner Theory

Skinner’s theory contains many operant conditioning examples. If your child does what you need them to, you simply reward them with what they like. Make sure that they understand the rules of how you will be rewarding them. Kids act better whenever there are incentives on the line. Much like how the examples of reward systems in the workplace can give them better reasons to work themselves out for a cause. For example, you may try setting a up a chart. You fill up the chart with stars for every kind deed for the day. The one who fills it up fast will earn something they wish for. It may be a simple process but it very effective. You can also try using rewards to change behavior. If you want certain children to perform certain tasks on their own without telling them to, you credit that to Skinner.

Give Affection As Your Reward

Material things aren’t the only rewards you can give children. You can also give them kind words, hugs, kisses, or any gesture that you love them more because of the good they’ve done. You can reward them by going with them to school, by doing things they love with them, supporting their every action and development. The benefit about this kind of reward is that it can be given anytime. Plus, it’s absolutely free! You can consider these the small rewards for reaching goals you and the children set for everyday. You can also set these as the rewards for children's good behavior in school. You can never run out of reasons to reward children with more love.

Word of Warning

There should be a set limit on how you should reward your child. There is a reason why punishments don't work. This is because the child will fear you instead of adore you. There is also the risk of rewards when not given correctly or accordingly. The reward shall only get better and all parents can afford to give their children great material gifts. Make sure your children do not go over the borders of punishment and reward so as not to develop different problems regarding behaviour and attitude. The idea of rewarding your child with food and other material thing is a good idea as well as rewarding your toddler for being properly trained. This may counter many problems like not eating and constantly crying. Still, you must draw borders and limits as to when these rewards may be redeemed.