Ideas that will Help Keep Toddlers Busy and Preoccupied

Ideas that will Help Keep Toddlers Busy and Preoccupied

Ideas that will Help Keep Toddlers Busy and Preoccupied

It’s a fact that toddlers are quite creative as they try to explore their new environment, but they can also be very stubborn if they are not engaged in anything serious. So, the best thing you can do is try to keep them busy when you’re doing some work, watching TV, or just doing anything that is taking your attention. In many cases, parents are lost on how best to keep their toddlers busy. This guide is meant to help you know what to do when you really want to have some sense of peace.

Tracing game

Are you lost or short of animal prints in your home? Then don’t be dismayed as there are lots of craft stuff out there that you can purchase at pretty low price. If not, then you need to be a little bit creative by getting some of things that toddlers like to play with. For instance, you can take crayon and trace your baby’s foot or hand print on the ground. Take your time to show the toddler how everything is done and leave him to try out the rest of the tracing. Remember to use very colorful crayon that can take your child’s attention in the meantime.

Animal toys

As children grow, they will tend to like animal and this is something that parents who desire to keep their little ones busy should be keen on. If you have a pet a round you can always get a toy that closely resembles the pet. In this way, you will be able to distract your child and keep him engaged for the better part of the day. If not, see to it that you get some more related toys that the children his/her age like to play with. Basically, it will be play and learning and they develop their cognitive skills.

Toddler gardening tools

It doesn’t matter whether you have a home garden or not because you can always keep the little ones busy with small gardening tools. You can always get yourself a light shovel for sand and get an artificial garden where he can play. If you have a real garden around your home, it becomes even much easier for you. You can get them started by helping them to be creative and lave them to get creative and dirty.

It's party time!

Toddlers like the very point of party time at home, and this is one of the best tricks you can use to get them engaged. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this one, as you just need to do little bit of kitchen toys for toddlers. Get party equipment, cooking toys, and let them be as creative as they can be. In this way, you will be keeping them engaged at all the time. However, don’t buy so complicated equipment as they will find this one to be a little bit boring-you can as well consult experts on this particular toy.

Paper play-explosion in your sitting room

This is one thing that marvels even the best of experts in child care and parenting! Baby’s tend to like see paper trails or something similar, just like the way they like to mess with toilet paper. You can get lots of paper rolls and let get messy in the living room as they play. In this way, you will be able to engage in your favorite activities without any disturbance. However, you should always be willing and ready to clean up the room. As a matter of fact, this calls for those parents who have some time to keep their toddlers busy by allowing them to be quite messy and take responsibility for the cleanup process.

Color matching games

As toddlers cognitive abilities grow, they become very keen on things that has to do with colors, despite there being a relative difference between genders. All in all, try to encourage them to match colors of the different items and see how good they are at it. You are advised to show a little bit of interest in whatever they are doing so that they can see its of great importance to them.

Additional techniques to keep your toddlers busy

As stated before, there are innumerable creative ways to get your toddlers busy. While the above are a great choice monotony can be quite problematic as they also tend to get bored, too. So, try to incorporate variety of games and play. In this case, use pipe cleaners and colander to keep toddler engaged, try paper bag, painting, race cars, and everything related. Also, you can try to encourage the elder children (if you have one) to play with the little one just running around the home is always fun.