Essential Items to Have for Packing a Hospital Bag

Essential Items to Have for Packing a Hospital Bag

Essential Items to Have for Packing a Hospital Bag

There are quite a number of items you should have for packing a hospital bag, and most of these items come in handy before and after delivery. While it is ideal for you to have one bag, there are so many reasons why you should have two or three bags. Basically, there are products and documents you should carry with you of which you can’t really mix up. You will need to have a hospital bag containing items related to your labor, another one for your delivered baby, and of course for your partner. In this way, you will be able to avoid any complications that might arise.

Hospital bag essentials

To begin with, it is ideal for your hospital bag to contain things such as nursing bra, breast pads, dressing gown slippers, plastic bag where you can stash used clothes and antiseptic cleaning wipes. Do not forget to carry with you some maternity pads, flannel, towels, toiletries including hairbrush and the ilk, and also include snacks, water, and other nutritious drinks to help with your labor. It doesn’t matter whether you are just about to become a new mother or a third time mother, carrying underwear (disposable or old ones) is as essential as everything you need to put in your bag.

In fact, if you want to have a sense of peace during this delivery period, ensure that you get comfortable maternity clothing specially tailored for labor. Also, having a birth plan and medical records is a plus as this helps a great deal in the delivery process and you will avoid complications. In case of anything, your doctors will know exactly what to do based on your health history. Remember, most of the hospital floors are pretty cold so ensure that you get warm socks that will make you as comfortable as possible.

Back pain has always been an issue during labor, and while some hospitals will offer solutions for this, some don’t do a good job. In order to avert any situations that might risk your health, you can carry with you a tennis balls and a tube sock. This is one of the cheapest ways to relieve back pain. Nevertheless, if your preferred hospital offers better solutions, then you can let the experts deal with the situation. In this way, you will be much safer and your health will not be compromised at all.

Other must-haves to include

Insurance information is as essential as everything named above, do not forget this lest you find yourself in a very awkward situation. Hospitals are known to be pretty dry too, so a little lip balm will do you good. A pen and paper can help you detail some of the issues or offer some vital information during labor time, and a pony tail holder if you have the type of hair that can loose and interfere with the entire process. Carrying an MP3 player can also help you relax as you wait for your delivery time, and massage oils to help you heal the overstretched back and tummy muscles.

What about the baby?

At the time you preparing your hospital bag, it is very easy to forget about some essential items for your soon to be delivered baby. In order not to get confused over what to carry and what not to carry, see to it that baby’s essentials are a top priority. These include but not limited to; a dozen nappies, changing mat, towels, body suits, small wipes, hat, scratch mittens, muslin squares, vests, cotton wool balls, booties, or socks, and baggies. The best way to prepare for the baby is to be well informed on the number of babies you will be having at one go. Some have prepared for a single baby only to deliver twins or triplets. In this case, lack of adequate preparation can lead to so much strain (both physically and emotionally).

Last but not least, make it a point that you prepare for the trip from the hospital and back home. Have in mind that your baby will need to be in a high quality blanket to avoid putting his/her health at risk.

Important note to remember

The essential items to have for packing a hospital bag will be always be determined by variables. For instance, the type of hospital you’ve chosen for the delivery process. There are those hospitals out there that will provide you with most, or some of the essential items, so you can always call them to know exactly they offer. Furthermore, ensure that you know the cost so that you are not surprised when the bill finally comes. In this case, having insurance will always save you a lot of trouble.