Different Styles of Parenting Around the World

Different Styles of Parenting Around the World

The Different Styles of Parenting Around the World

How parents raise their children is a pretty weird subject. Why is it that there are different parenting styles around the world? Not only that, there seems to be different parenting practices in different cultures, too. For sure, one is effective to their respective societies and that is why they flourish in today’s advanced ways of living. However, how different are they, really? This article will try to distinguish the cultural differences in parenting style and discipline and see how they affect children across the globe. The most famous parenting styles from around the world are that of the West’s and China’s and this is how they differ greatly.

West employs rewards system – China evokes levelling up.

A child usually gets a treat when he or she does something good. An ice cream or a lollipop for their efforts and their achievements. These are western parenting styles that make children want gratification for whatever they have done. So, do parents matter in this case? Big time. This is in deep contrast to the child discipline in china. Mothers or fathers rarely congratulate a child for achieving a milestone and most often, consider their achievements a requirement. This is why most Chinese students and persons are very competitive and smart.

The essence of chinese parenting discipline falls to the ability of child to keep up with everyone else and leave them basking in his or her smoke. A child is constantly trained to be better in the arts and skills that may earn them fame and honor. This is why there are more Chinese kids who can play the piano better than anyone else. They yearn for intelligence and skill, always. This is also why many parenting styles in different cultures essays discuss the affluent advantage of Chinese children.

China develops a strong heart – the West develops a heart that cares

If you noticed, child discipline around the world can differ in the way they see milestones. This is also true when it comes to emotions. One may say that because of the harsh up bringing that chinese parents are the worst. May be this is because of the way they scold them. It is important to note, however, that child discipline in different cultures may vary greatly but they are effective in their own situations. You should know that many parenting styles in America involve a child being able to care for his surroundings. The feelings of others and the society as a whole should be his or her basis when making decisions. This is why parents panic when their children cry. However, parenting styles in china involve being able to ignore these things to attain achievements.

In essence, parenthood is considered to be a developmental role because: it starts from childhood until the time a child is able to think and live independently, it can propel a child on whatever you want him or her to accomplish, and many more reasons. It is not fair to compare chinese parenting vs western parenting because people are entitled to their own up bringing. If and when it becomes detrimental to mental health, only then should others interfere.