The Best Sound Machine Reviews

The Best Sound Machine – Reviews and Comparison

The Best Sound Machine Reviews

Can you hear something? What are the sounds that you hear?

Whether you are asleep or awake, every minute and every second of our lives, we hear different sounds. Sounds that may be soft or loud to us and others may sound irritating or soothing to our minds. Those different sounds that we hear can help us physically, mentally and emotionally. It can help you relax your mind, relieve stress and anxiety, sleep well and others can even study well with sound. However, other sounds can cause headaches.

What is life without sound? Sounds play an important role for adults as well as for babies. As a parent, we want our child to sleep well at night so we, parents, can also have a good night's sleep. Most parents would suggest to use the best sound machine with different soothing or relaxing sounds to help solve problems regarding difficulty in sleeping. Mothers who are yet to conceive are also advised to listen sounds or music while the baby is still in the womb. In this way, we are helping our baby grow intellectually because they start learning inside the womb.

You might be wondering what is the best sound machine to buy.

In this article, we will be sharing to you our five top rated baby sound machines based on comments and reviews. These sound machines can help you and your family relax your minds and have a good night's sleep. We do hope that after reading the different reviews and comparisons, you will be able to decide on what is the best sound machine to purchase.

Best Sound Machine Comparison



Pictek White Noise Machine
LectroFan White Noise Machine
Avantek White Noise Sound Machine
HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine
Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Sound Machine



White & black



Black, white, tan


2.6 pounds

1.7 pounds

1.2 pounds

14.1 ounces

2.4 pounds


Batteries or USB Power Operated


Plugged in outlet or USB

Battery or adapter operated

Plugged in power outlet


4 AA



4 AA



Adjustable volume

30-90 volume range capability

30 levels of volume

Adjustable volume

Fully adjustable tone and volume control


3 auto off timer

Multi hour sleep timer

7 hour timer setting

15, 30 and 60 minute auto off timer

No timer

Pictek White Noise Machine Review

Pictek White Noise Machine

The first thing that comes to your mind are the questions: Is white noise bad for you? Is it useful? Is it helpful? Based on fact, everything has its pros and cons. And for sound machines, the cons would depend on how you are using it and the kind of sound that it is trying to produce. It is useful most especially for an individual having a hard time to concentrate, relax and sleep well.

On top of the best sound machine for sleep is the Pictek white noise sound machine which has a number of natural sounds soothing for relaxation, concentration and sleep. It is a small and handy device and it goes together with a carry bag. When taking a nap in the office, you can attach the headphones or rechargeable batteries in order not to disturb others who are also working. It also has a usb cable where it can be connected to a device.

This small sleep sound machine can be played all throughout the night because it has an auto off timer feature. With its natural soothing sound, this can help your child sleep well at night thus, giving you freedom from worries. This is considered a best companion because it helps release stress and anxiety, bring you back to focus and can relax your mind. Sound machines can also be used to stimulate your brain and can also be used for yoga, most especially for meditation.

Pictek white noise sound machine has a very clear sound quality that delivers realistic sounds. Hearing beach waves when you are not in the beach, hearing the raindrops fall even though it is not raining, hearing the vacuum cleaner even though no one is cleaning and hearing the wind blowing even when you are inside your room. This is what makes it amazing and realistic. This machine is very useful for babies and adults, office, travel or study. With the help of this sleep sound machine, you can live a healthy life that you have always wanted.

LectroFan White Noise Machine Review

LectroFan White Noise Machine

How important is sleep? Sleep is part of our daily routines in order for us to recharge and gain back our energy. Lack of sleep affects us in so many ways. Youmu tend to be disorganized, you tend to get angry easily, you easily forget something and it also affects your ability to learn and focus. It can also affect your health because most of the people who lack sleep are the ones who easily get sick.

The second amazon sound machine that we highly recommend is the LectroFan. This sound machine is very small and handy. And if you are a frequent traveler, this has a protective travel bag that you can bring with you when you travel. It also has a number of white noise options that you can choose from. You can set the volume based on your environment. It also has a multi hour sleep timer wherein you don’t have to get up to start it all over again.

This simple and safe machine is one of the best sound machine for babies and for you as well. If you are having a hard time sleeping at night or you are surrounded with noise from construction or vehicles outside your house. With this, you can fall asleep and lull your baby to sleep easily. Most of its reviews say that this sound machine does not have repeating sounds that can irritate you. However, as mentioned above, it has its cons and that would be that it is an expensive machine but always remember that it helps a lot.

Aside from helping you sleep well at night, this sound machine can help other people study and concentrate well. Some students can study without any noise. However, others can study and store learnings right away when using the sound machine. This device compared to the Pictek white noise machine does not have a jack to insert your headphones and a battery backup.

Avantek White Noise Sound Machine Review

Avantek White Noise Sound Machine

No matter how hectic and busy life can be, we become revitalized if we are able to rest well after a hard day’s work. In order to achieve this and be able to rest well, there has to be peace and silence. Having a sleep sound machine will greatly help us achieve the tranquility that we are looking for. In this way, one gets to wake up the following morning fully energized and ready to face whatever challenges they might encounter on that day.

Next in line is the Avantek white noise sound machine that also aids in healthy sleeping. This small rectangular device is very handy, light and compact. It comes with a usb cable and is perfect for home and travel. It has different ambient sounds including waves, rain, winds, birds, crickets, streams, a clock and a campfire that sounds really realistic. At night, it has an LED indicator light but you do not have to worry because this won’t disturb your sleep.

When living in a busy City, one major problem that will always distract your sleep is the noise outside that you can’t control. However, with the help of this sound machine, this effectively blocks you from unwanted noise. This device helps you improve your sleep and focus. Same as the other sound machines, this machine also has an auto off timer, which has a maximum of seven hours, that automatically switches off when the time that you set on the timer runs out.

When the sound is gone, the sleep sound machine will automatically fade the music without disturbing you while you are sleeping. This is very easy to use. This has a previous and next button that allows you to change the sound that the machine is currently playing. This has gained positive reviews. However, one thing that gave this a four star rating is that this device needs to have a power supply in order for the machine to work or function and it does not have a port that allows you to connect the sound machine to your headphones.

HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine Review

HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine

There are so many ways to lull your baby to sleep. Having bedtime stories, using a glider chair to swing her forward to back, swaddle them with a cloth or even singing her favorite lullaby. As a mother, we also need to rest in order to be healthy so that we will be able take good care of our child to the fullest. What others mostly want you to include in your nursery items is an amazing sound machine for babies. This next machine that we will discuss is most likely one of the most affordable sound machines.

Homedics sound machine is a small, handy, lightweight machine that is perfect for both babies and adults, and is usually used for travel. It does not include a travel case. However, because of its size and weight this device will fit in your carry bag easily and it is very easy to carry. So leaving your home for a vacation with your baby is not a problem anymore because your sound machine can help you and your baby create an environment for sleep and relaxation.

Sound machines are very helpful in blocking distractions so you can concentrate on what you are doing. You can even play this while you are reading your favorite novel and based on reviews, they find it pretty relaxing. This machine can be used using either an adapter or with rechargeable batteries. However, batteries are not included when you purchase this item. It has a push button that makes it easy for you to use. It also has an auto off timer like the other sound machines mentioned above. You just have to choose on what sound you want to listen to and play it all night long.

You might doubt its quality due to its price. However, this sound machine may sound so affordable but it produces a good sound quality. If you are traveling a lot, you might want to bring with you an adapter in case because this device runs on 110 volts. This gained positive reviews based on users and also gained negative reviews. One of it is that it may sound distorted when you put it on its highest volume but actually, it would depend on the size of the speaker.

Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Sound Machine Review

Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Sound Machine

Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of poor work performance. And with the help the sound machine you will be able to say goodbye to distractions and have a good night’s sleep. The Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine is one of our top choices due to its features. Unlike other sound machines, It has 3 different colors that you can choose from.

Same as the other sound machines, this is also perfect for both at home or for travel. It is very easy to use, you just have to plug it in and turn it on. This device runs on 120 volts and may require an adapter in case you travel. It has three different soothing air sounds and has a real dual speed fan inside where you can adjust and control the device for a personalized sound environment.

Many users would say that white noises are better than a lullaby. With the use of a sound machine playing white noises you can play it all night while you and your baby are sleeping. While for other lullabies may sound disturbing for the babies, it is very important to check the pros and cons before purchasing an item. Sound machines may be helpful however, your babies might end up being dependent to the white noise played at night and will give him/her a hard time going back to sleep without this.

This machine gained positive reviews that they were able to sleep well at night. As well as negative reviews and users would advise you to check before purchasing because there are others who are selling fake sound machines. You might find this helpful also most especially when your work is usually at night like working in call centers or working as a nurse or doctor. These jobs does not have an exact time for sleeping. With the use of these sound machines, they can relax, take a nap and regain back the energy that they need.

To Sum it Up...

There are so many kinds of sound machines that you can choose from. These sound machines that we have shared to you are five of the best rated sound machines. These machines are well tested by the manufacturers and the retailers.

When in doubt, you can do more research or even ask your friends or relatives who have tried using sound machines.

We do hope that we were able to help you in one way or another in choosing your preferred sound machine. And after you have decided on which sound machine to purchase, we also hope that you and your family will be able to relax when you hear the sounds that the sound machine produces or will be able to have a good night's sleep.

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