The Best Electric Breast Pump

The Best Electric Breast Pump – Reviews and Comparison

The Best Electric Breast Pump Reviews

Mommies have the best gift that babies can ever receive from anyone—breast milk. However, one of the key decisions you need to make is whether you should breastfeed your baby or just simply pump milk for your baby to feed on. Personally, we recommend you to do it the natural way but some mommies just can't help but get back to work or get back to busy days before giving birth. Now, the option is left with getting you a breast pump.

There are plenty of breast pumps in the market but you should consider first what type of breast pump you should get. Selecting a pump for you and your baby to use depends on how often you are going to pump your milk.

If you have a lot of milk supply that your baby is not yet able to consume, you can simply hand press your milk. However, if there are shorter periods of time that you need to run out for an errand or the need arises where you need to leave your baby with a sitter or a family member then you can use a manual breast pump. Manual breast pumps are used if you are only going to express milk a couple of times a week. If you are a busier mom and need to pump milk on a daily basis then you need an electric breast pump. Electric breast pumps are pumps that help you express more milk that is enough for your baby to consume every single day.

Pumping with a breast pump is not very difficult and you shouldn't be scared to pump milk for your baby. Some new moms can get scared to do so because some say that pumping milk is a painful task. Well, it would be painful if you are doing it wrong. In fact, you can easily do the task right and well if you have the right equipment. So, if you are a mommy, who needs an electric breast pump, choose from our list of Five Best Electric Breast Pumps.

Best Electric Breast Pump Comparison



Spectra Baby USA S2 Double Single Breast Pump
Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump
Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump
Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump


7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches

12.3 x 9.3 x 5.7 inches

10 x 7 x 5 inches

12.4 x 5.4 x 9.2 inches

10.4 x 10 x 6.8 inches


3.3 pounds

2.7 pounds

7 pounds

2 pounds

2 pounds

Power Source

Lithium-ion batteries and AC powered

AC powered or batteries

AC and batteries (8 AA batteries)

AC powered

AC and 6 AA batteries

Additional features

Timer, Nightlight, Digital display, Cycle and Vacuum controls

Breastfeeding educational guide

single knob control, automatic shut-off, 2-phase expression

massage cushion breast shield

digital controls, auto-shut off

Closed System






Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump Review

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double Single Breast Pump

Some babies are quite particular about breastfeeding. Some prefer breastfeeding and for some reason, some babies prefer bottle feeding. But still, if you are a busy mom and have already pumped milk, now, how to get your baby to feed your milk from a bottle? Well, these are only some of the breastfeeding problems that mom faces but there are solutions to breastfeeding problems. Still, problems can be conquered and one problem that the Spectra Baby Breast Pump was able to help us resolve was flat nipples and when our babies start to gulp and choke.

We love that the Spectra Baby Electric breast pump is really a powerful pumper. This is an easy remedy to flat nipples because the strong suction can help pull out your flat nipple making it easier for your baby to suckle and latch on. The good thing about this is that it is highly adjustable. You can adjust the vacuum and the cycle. The vacuum is for the strength of the suction and the cycle shows how often the pumps needs to pump milk off your breasts. The wonderful thing about this is that every setting you set, a program is flashed on the digital screen.

Another reason to love this item for is that it has difference suction strengths. It mimics that way babies suckle. So when your let down starts, the pump makes longer and deeper pumps to maximize milk flow. We think that this is the best electric breast pump for daily use making it the best electric breast pump for working moms too.

Another reason why we love this item so much is that it is also pretty quiet. It doesn't have those weird mechanical sounds from the suction and the machine. We also find this a very comfortable breast pump; it has a closed system feature that prevents the milk from flowing elsewhere making it more hygienic for you and your baby.

We also love that it has a timer; you can set the time to how long you're going to pump milk. It also has a nightlight so you can see the control settings even at night through its nice and gentle glow. So, there are more reasons to love this thing for other than just pumping milk of your breasts. This is the best single electric breast pump because you can simply relax in a chair and start pumping milk one breast at a time. There is also a double breast pump for this model so you can pump both of your breasts at the same time to save a lot of time. It really does work well for working moms making it our top pick for the best electric breast pump for daily use, the best electric breast pump for working moms and overall the number one on our list for the best electric breast pump.

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

Just because we start going back to work or back to our busy routine before giving birth, it doesn't mean that we should also sacrifice the benefits moms and babies get from breastfeeding. We love that it is hands-free and that it is very affordable. Compared to other electric breast pumps, you don't need to use your hands in order to pump milk. You can continue on doing your lighter work as you pump milk for your little one.

There are times we fell asleep in the middle of pumping milk and it is messy! We hope that doesn't happen to you but the reality is once you position the pump wrong especially if you are pumping both of your breasts at the same time, there is a tendency that you will position one wrongly. It can hurt or it can get messy. And that's why we love the Simple Wishes Electric breast pump bra.

It is super comfy! It fits perfectly and it really does the job in pumping milk well. In the beginning, we were skeptical about this item but got over it and never regretted getting it. This is absolutely the best double electric breast pump. We love that we don't have to hold on to two breast pumps at the same time making our hands get tired just after five minutes of pumping milk.

Another reason why we love it is because it is universal it can work well with different electric breast pumps but we personally recommend that it goes well with the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump. These two makes the perfect match because they are both the best electric breast pump for the money. The Evenflo works well with Simple wishes because the breast shield is made of silicone making it soft, gentle and bendable.

Evenflo has 32 different settings in order to fit different pumping needs depending on what type of breasts you have and how much milk supply you have as well. We love that it has two of each three differently sized flange sizes for moms with different breast sizes. There are more reasons to love this pair and this then makes the second pick for the best electric breast pump. It is also the best electric breast pump for everyday use and also the best hands-free double electric breast pump.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

This is one of the most expensive electric breast pumps in our list but definitely, one of the best double electric breast pumps for daily use. Mommies who worry about not pumping enough milk to give the baby the best of what he/she needs don't have to worry when using the Medela Pump in Style Advanced double breast pump. As one of the top rated brands for electric breast pumps, there is an array of models from Medela to choose from but, in our opinion, this is the best of the bunch.

Since this is designed to pump breast milk several times a day, it has to be durable and easy-to-use, especially if you are a very busy mom and that is why we love the Medela double breast pump. It doesn't need a lot of time to set-up and it is really easy to use. You can simply sit and relax as you pump milk. One thing we love about this is the amount of time you need to pump milk. It is really short. It saves us a lot of time and it gives us plenty of reasons to use it every day.

The Medela double electric breast pump follows the 2-phase Expression technology. It follows the way babies suckle on you making it more comfortable and easy to pump milk. It is also pretty convenient because it comes with a microfiber bag. That way you can easily pack it up and bring it with you anywhere. It is portable because it uses both AC and batteries. However, it requires 8 AA batteries—we really think that's a lot. But hey, since it really needs a lot of power, it may need a lot of back-ups. It uses a single knob speed/vacuum adjustment for lesser buttons to press and lesser problems in setting and resetting the strength of each pump.

Since it really considers the comfort of both mommy and baby, there are times when you need to pump breast milk at work. And when you do that, you end up throwing the milk away because there is just no place to store it for the meantime. But this Medela double electric breast pump comes with a removable cooler bag with contoured ice packs that can hold 4 breast milk bottles. At east, you don't need to throw away any of the milk you pump when you're at work or when you are not anywhere near your baby or any fridge.

So for those good reasons, this is definitely one of the best electric breast pumps for working moms and that is why this makes our list at spot number two for the best double electric breast pumps!

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Review

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Parents who love to travel often find the need to own an electric breast pump. Going out in the public poses a lot of problems for moms to breastfeed. Honestly, doesn't it feel a bit embarrassingly to pop your boob out and breastfeed your little one in public? Even with a nursing cover, doing it in public is a bit difficult especially of our baby loves to latch on for long periods of time. We love that we can bring the Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump with us when we travel, it is easy to tag around and pair up with the best strollers or slings we carry around with us.

The Philips Double Electric Breast Pump is the best electric breast pump for comfort. The breast shields are very comfortable because it comes with massage cushions that help stimulate milk flow. The breast shield has soft gel massage cushions that provide you with numbing comfort rather that the stressful sucking and pumping of milk from your breasts. Pumping milk can be painful but never with the Avent electric breast pump and that goes the same way with its manual breast pump.

Because of the stimulating breast shield and setting, you'll have a pretty easy start-up. When your let down begins to flow, you can change the settings to low, medium and high. These would depend on how much milk you have. Moms with more milk supply only need to set the expression settings on low and with moms who happen to have lower milk supply can set it to high. And for that reason, this makes one of the best electric breast pumps for low milk supply.

Another great aspect about this is that it is very easy to assemble. Not so many parts to deal with but simple tubing, flange, and bottle. Then, you are totally good to go. One other thing we love about this is that it is made only of the safest polymers. It is BPA-free and completely rid of lead. And for those mentioned reasons, this is our fourth pick for the best electric breast pumps.

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

Before giving birth, we have already prepared for every single possible item that our baby may need and we also included an electric breast pump as one of the essential items in packing a hospital bag. We just thought that maybe pumping milk may come in handy. Since the Lansinoh electric breast pump is small and compact, it was an easy choice and it did us a great service in effectively electrically pumping breast milk.

We consider this as one of the best electric breast pumps for traveling because it has a battery option where you only need to put in 6 AA batteries. It is very convenient and light to carry around. So no matter where you are going, you can simply bring this around with you to meet all of your breastfeeding needs.

Lansinoh had always been known to supporting breastfeeding and that is why Lansinoh is one of the best brands of electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps. Their double electric breast pump makes it easy for both mom and baby to continue breastfeeding. This electric breast pump has digital controls with a bright and easy to read LCD screen. That makes set up and controlling the strength and length of the pumping so much easier to do too.

However, in terms of longevity, we do have a concern. The pumping gets weaker and weaker as you use it. Unfortunately, it starts to weaken about 6 months in use and other users seems to have complained about the same issue. It has a good start-up though; it is quick to pull milk out of your breasts.

The Lansinoh double breast feeding pump is on the average price scale and—in our opinion, just falls on above average quality. Nonetheless, with tons of electric breastfeeding pumps in the market, we still consider this as one of the best electric double pumps because it pretty much does a good job in pumping as much milk as your baby will need and that is why this is our fifth and last pick for the best electric breast pumps.

To Sum it Up...

We as parents also know the need to get an electric breast pump especially when our hands can get very tied with errands and work to accomplish. In fact, we recommend that you already include an electric breast pump in your nursery items to prepare for baby. We have seen the benefits that electric breast pumps can offer and whether you are often away from your baby or not, there are times your breast just need a rest. For those reasons, we have already shortlisted the top 5 best electric breast pumps that do the greatest jobs in pumping out milk you and your baby need. Our choices underwent intense scrutiny and, of course, personal use too. And all that was to make it so much simpler for you.

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